Prima is dedicated to producing the highest quality cast steel products. Our experience, coupled with our commitment to deliver products that meet our customer's exacting specifications, has seen Prima develop a growing base of loyal customers, both local and international.

Metallurgy is at the core of our business. Through ongoing R&D we have developed our own chrome molly and low alloy metal specifications. These have enabled Prima to match global standards. Our manganese products are SABS certified, and Prima castings have earned preferred supplier status with market leading OEM'S.

It's all about quality

Our stringent quality control systems enable us to deliver products that satisfy the most demanding customers and OEMs. They ensure that our products fit, perform efficiently, and are highly durable.

Prima has a fully equipped laboratory that utilizes a computerized emission spectrograph. This means the highest level of quality is maintained throughout the production process.

Prima is also a permit holder of the South African Bureau of Standards Mark for the manufacture of Austenitic Manganese steel castings.

iso VISIT OUR FOUNDRY: GPS Coordinates: S 26*12.462' E028*17.690'
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