Prima is a substantial business with a staff compliment of 330 people. Our recent expansion has increased our output, adding an extra 500t/pm to our previous 1000t/pm capacity.

Prima now comprises three foundries on one site:

AD Foundry

AD Foundry focuses on high production runs with the Horizontal Parting High Pressure Moulding Line, producing up to 15 moulds per hour with a box size of 1500 X 900 X 400mm. It has a maximum possible casting mass of 350Kg. The green-sand system uses 100% chromite sand. The melting is done with two 4 ton arc furnaces.

The AD Foundry has the capacity to produce 500 tons of net castings per month.

Prima Foundry

Prima Foundry produces medium size Chrome-Molly mill liners up to 1.2 ton per piece. Its high pressure moulding carrousel produces moulds of 2300 X 1750 X 600mm in size. The green-sand system uses 100% chromite sand. The melting is done by our two 4 ton electric arc furnaces.

The Prima Foundry has the capacity to produce 500 tons of net castings per month.

Resin Foundry

The Resin Foundry is a new 'greenfield' addition to our overall capacity. This foundry was completed in 2010. The Resin foundry makes use of an Acid Phenolic sand system utilizing 100% chromite sand, and produces both Manganese and Chrome-Molly steel castings, up to a maximum of 8000kg. The melting in this foundry is done by a 10 ton electric arc furnace.

The Resin Foundry has the capacity to produce 500 tons of net casings per month.

Prima facilities

Prima has in-house facilities including:

  • a modern, fully equipped, pattern shop
  • a design/drawing office
  • machining facilities
  • heat treatment facilities

Pattern shop:

Our pattern shop utilizes 2 Haas CNC routers.

Existing patterns can be repaired or modified by our qualified staff.

Machining facilities:

The machine shop consists of 12 vertical boring mills, the largest of which has a 4m table as well as 3 horizontal planers with a maximum table of 2000 X 3500mm. All machining is done in house.

Heat Treatment facilities:

Prima has two heat treatment facilities on site making up a total of six 16 ton fully programmable gas fired ovens making use of the cutting edge high velocity burners, to attain accurate and efficient cycles. Quenching consists of a fully mechanized high speed removal system ensuring that castings reach the quench bath as quickly as possible.

iso VISIT OUR FOUNDRY: GPS Coordinates: S 26*12.462' E028*17.690'
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