Prima is a family owned business. Our commitment to the best products and services is evidenced in everything we do.

Being a family business helps us to be fast and efficient. Important decisions can be made instantly, and critical actions implemented without delay. There is no bureaucracy to slow us down, or to dilute our determination to deliver excellent product on time, every time.

Prima is customer driven

We are passionate about our business, and we are constantly striving for better ways of servicing our customer's needs. It's a simple equation, our customer's are our business! Every Prima business activity is focused on satisfying our customers. Be it the delivery of the highest quality product, or superlative sales and technical service, we are committed to you, our customer.

We back our products with peerless service

At Prima we don't just sell, we listen! It's part of our commitment to get closer to our customers, to better understand their problems and needs. It helps us to develop better products and support structures to facilitate their businesses, make them more profitable, and ease their management load.

Rapid turnaround is a priority

We understand that profits are constantly on the front line, and that rapid turnaround can be critical. Whether its a new order, or fulfilling ongoing requirements, we will deliver... fast! Faster turnaround will ultimately help you contain costs. Simply put, reduced lead times mean a reduction in costly backup inventory.

  VISIT OUR FOUNDRY: GPS Coordinates: S 26*12.462' E028*17.690'
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